FAAS: Driving Sustainability in the Automotive Aftermarket Sector

At FAAS, we are committed to advancing sustainability along the automotive aftermarket lifecycle. Our shared objectives empower us to make a meaningful impact:

Stakeholder Engagement and Unity:

  • We bring together all relevant players in the aftermarket sector—manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, workshops, service providers, and consumers.
  • We foster collaboration and drive sustainable practices by leveraging our collective influence.

Value Chain Transformation:

  • We actively promote sustainable and circular solutions throughout the automotive value chain and we strive for common standards to enable and improve comparability.
  • We drive activities to reduce the environmental impact of the aftermarket, with a view to carbon emissions, material consumption, efficient logistics and customer service.  

Knowledge Empowerment:

  • We share our collective expertise and bridge knowledge gaps.
  • We empower companies with insights and best practices to actively drive sustainability efforts.

Join us at FAAS to drive positive change, create a more sustainable aftermarket, and shape the future of the automotive industry! 🌱🚗

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