What are our objectives?

The FAAS aims to establish itself as the foremost sustainability initiative within the aftermarket sector. To accomplish this, we have established the following shared objectives:

  • Engage and unite all relevant stakeholders in the automotive aftermarket sector, leveraging our collective influence to foster a more sustainable aftermarket.
  • Propel transformation within the automotive aftermarket supply chain by offering sustainable solutions and contributing to global initiatives such as the energy transition, low-carbon production, pollution reduction, and the circular economy.
  • Bridge knowledge gaps within the sector and equip companies with the necessary tools to actively participate in sustainability efforts.
  • Address various crucial topics, such as tracking and reducing CO2 emissions, optimising packaging, promoting remanufacturing and recycling practices, and optimizing logistics.

Why should you join the FAAS?

The FAAS is at a pivotal stage of development, where actors in the aftermarket sector are joining forces to enhance collaboration, exchange best practices, and foster sustainable initiatives. By being part of the FAAS, you have the opportunity to collectively work towards a robust and sustainable vision for the future of the aftermarket industry. We extend our invitation to all companies, associations, and stakeholders to join us in creating a unified vision for the future. Together, we will lead the sector towards the forefront of sustainable practices and set new trends.

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