The success of an industry today is evaluated based on its impact and advancements on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.
The Forum on Automotive Aftermarket Sustainability (FAAS) is a collaborative endeavour initiated by CLEPA and FIGEFA, already counting more than 30 members. It aims to establish a platform where all participants in the automotive aftermarket can exchange ideas, cultivate, and adopt sustainable practices. The goal is to transform the European aftermarket sector into a fully accountable and proactive industry.

The FAAS is at a pivotal stage of development, where actors in the aftermarket sector are joining forces to enhance collaboration, exchange best practices, and foster sustainable initiatives. By being part of the FAAS, you have the opportunity to collectively work towards a robust and sustainable vision for the future of the aftermarket industry.

Join us to lead together the sector towards the forefront of sustainable practices and set new trends.

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