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Working Group 2

Remanufacturing of automotive parts

Working Group 2 of the FAAS, focused on remanufacturing of automotive parts, is addressing existing obstacles that hinder remanufacturing by enhancing knowledge and understanding of this practice. The aim is to highlight its significant contribution to the circular economy and ultimately increase the market share of remanufactured products. To achieve this, we have identified and prioritized various barriers facing the remanufacturing industry. In order to best combat these barriers, we organized them into three main working packages within the group:

  • Working Package 1: This package focuses on developing legal and technical guidelines to ensure that cores are not classified as waste. The main objective is to differentiate between waste and non-waste and provide clear guidelines on handling cores. This will be achieved by creating a position paper in collaboration with other stakeholders in the automotive aftermarket supply chain.
  • Working Package 2: This package is dedicated to marketing and communications. Its main objective is to clearly define what remanufacturing is and its business model, and then target different actors and consumers in the value chain to educate them and promote remanufacturing as a viable alternative. This effort included the creation of a video and two infographics, which were distributed by FAAS members on their websites and social media on April 11th, Global Remanufacturing Day.
  • Working Package 3: This package focuses on transparency activities, such as on-site visits to showcase the production of remanufactured parts and workshops to provide a clear vision of the products, further educating participants on their viability. Additionally, this package includes using events and conferences attended by FAAS and its members to campaign for the remanufacturing industry.

The synergies formed between these three working packages provide the group with a clear direction in achieving our ultimate goal.

For information: jose.almeida@faasforum.eu.

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